While rest of us are trying to train our dogs to not pee on the carpet or jump on the furniture, one local woman's dog is speaking English and says things like 'I Love You'! You have to see the video of Copper to believe it.

Debbie Singh from Albany lives with Copper, a 7-year-old dachshund who, like most dogs, enjoys his treats and loves to go outside; typical good boy stuff. But what makes Copper a tad bit unique is his ability to sing and speak.  Yes...he talks! Copper is currently a finalist on a show that airs on Facebook called 'Worlds Most Amazing Dog' and he's adorable. Watch this furry little man say 'I love you' out loud like he was born to do it.

You can vote for Copper by clicking on the show link we provided. The dog voted to be the 'Most Amazing' will win $100,000.  Good luck little buddy, and we love you too!


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