The Lincoln Park Pool in Albany is getting an overhaul but before that can happen, residents need to decide on which design they like better for the area. Both designs will allow for triple the number of people that can utilize the pool complex.

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What Are The New Plans for the Lincoln Park Pool?

Both plans will keep the current zero-entry or walk-in feature. There would also be a lap pool and other things that residents said they would like to see in the new proposals.

The First Lincoln Pool Plan

There would be three separate water features in the first plan. This includes an eighteen thousand square-foot, zero-entry pool, a splash pad with a water slide, and a ten-lane half-size Olympic lap pool.

The Second Lincoln Park Pool Plan

The other option would have a twenty-thousand square foot half-moon-shaped zero-entry pool that would connect to a full-size ten-lane lap pool.

Both plans contain a ten thousand-square-foot playground. There will be new lifeguard stations, bathroom facilities, space for concessions, and amphitheater-style seating according to the Times Union.

Both pool designs would accommodate over one thousand people. Currently, the Lincoln Park pool could only hold three hundred.

When will the Final Designs be Determined?

Residents have the next two weeks to take a survey and decide on which pool design they would like. They can vote until noon on July 15th. To check out the survey and vote click HERE.


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