With the pandemic at an all-time high, a lot of people are reaching out for other outlets to keep them occupied during these difficult times. Drug abuse is on the rise around the nation and the Capital Region. People are using hardcore drugs and overdoses are also on the rise. Capital Region law enforcement recently arrested 26-year-old Carlos Aguayo-Salas for attempting to sell the laced heroin.

The opioid epidemic has hit the US in enormous numbers and bad batches of dope are the reason why people overdose so often. Drugs will be laced with other drugs to give users a different feeling of euphoria. This is the recipe for an overdose.

According to News 10, a man from Albany named Carlos Aguayo-Salas was arrested and charged with the intent to distribute heroin laced with fentanyl. Mr Salas was arrested in Albany, but this has been an ongoing investigation with the DEA, the Albany Police Department, Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Colonie Police Department, and the Troy Police Department, and the charges are being prosecuted federally by Attorney Rachel Williams.

These are serious charges that Carlos Aguayo-Salas face, If he is convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison.  After serving his prison time he could also have a fine of up to $1 million, and supervised release of at least 3 years and up to life.

This crime is definitely not worth it, be safe Capital Region if you know anyone who is struggling with a narcotics addiction, it's never too late to kick your addiction help is available here.

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