The government is working toward dropping many of the COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place for over a year now. The federal government is pushing state governments to get their people back to work. Many Republican governors are withdrawing the extra $300 unemployment benefit, in an attempt to force employees back to work.

One Albany resident was trying to compensate for lost income by allegedly attempting to defraud the government by making and selling his own license plates on vehicles that he sold.

Investigators in Albany were able to interrupt a local man’s scheme to defraud money from the government.

According to News 6, Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple, Sr., his department was investigating an Albany resident who they believed was scheming to fraudulently manufacture and sell license plates.

According to Sheriff Craig Apple Albany resident, 59-year old Milton L. Wright, was arrested and charged with printing and selling fake State of Washington license plates.

Mr. Wright is accused of making paper plates, placing the illegal plates on vehicles, and then selling the vehicles with fraudulent tags.

Investigators made the arrest on June 7. Mr. Wright was charged with three counts of Reproducing a False Certificate of Title (Felony), and three counts of second-degree Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument (Felony). Mr. Wright faced arraignment, and then he was released.

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Everyone has to be creative in these hard times. A side job is essential for many people, and having unemployment funds cut is not helping. As we all move forward and try to get back to “normal”, we cannot do illegal things just to get by. Trying to rip the government off for their fees almost never works for long.

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