Maybe it's because of all of the colleges we have, or maybe in Albany, we're just smart, but a new list came out and apparently, Albany wouldn't do too poorly on Jeopardy against the rest of the country.

The financial site WalletHub put together a list "to determine which cities are home to the most and least educated people in America in 2019," according to Thrillist. They broke down how they came up with their top 25 using the 150 most populated areas in the United States and ranking them based on 11 different things. Overall, it seemed they compared the number of advanced or professional degrees held by people in each of the cities as well as the quality of schooling in the area.

Apparently, number 1 on the list Ann Arbor, Michigan is at the top of the list again becoming the most educated place in America. The rest of the top 5 (2-5) is: San Jose (CA). Washington D.C., Durham (NC), and Madison (WI). Albany didn't do too poorly coming in at number 21.

They also put together the least educated cities in America and the top 5 were split between California and Texas. The list being (1-5): Visalia (CA), Brownsville (TX), McAllen (TX), Bakerfield (CA), and Modesto (CA).

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