The following was submitted to our station by Albany County Executive Dan McCoy's Office.

As the situation surrounding the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to unfold, we encourage you to stay informed and use available best practices to protect you and your family. There are cases in Albany County, across New York and in every state in the US. Those who are sick are strongly encouraged to stay home. Wash your hands frequently and refrain from touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth. If you sneeze or cough, use a tissue to throw away or do it into your elbow to stop any possible spread. You should also regularly clean surfaces that are touched often.

Social distancing is a critical tool and you’re encouraged to stay home as much as possible, even if you’re not showing any symptoms, abide by the community gathering restrictions that have been put into place by the State and use social distancing when near others. That means staying at least six feet apart. It is important to note that even if you’re not an older resident or have underlying chronic medical conditions, you can still spread the virus and could still be at risk.

Above all, if you are prepared and if you follow the county, state and federal guidelines, there is no need to panic. The situation is rapidly evolving, and every day there are new closings, new guidelines and new restrictions aimed at upholding public health and keeping everyone safe from this virus. You’re encouraged to visit or for some of the latest updates. If you have questions or concerns, please dial 2-1-1 or use the State Department of Health hotline at 888-364-3065.

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