We have been reading a lot about Monkeypox in the news and Saratoga County even has Monkeypox vaccine clinics scheduled.  Before today, we really haven't heard of any local cases.

Exec Dan McCoy announced on Twitter earlier today that the first case of Monkey Pox in Albany County has "...officially been identified..." and that this person did not contract the virus here in New York."

After dealing with the pandemic the last few years, our sense of awareness for any infection is certainly heightened, and McCoy assured residents in a subsequent tweet that "Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that oftentimes does not cause serious illness...(and) now is not the time for alarm or panic."

So what is Monkeypox? According to the CDC, it is related to smallpox but is "much milder" and "rarely fatal." Among others like fever and swollen lymph nodes, the tell-tale symptom is a blister-like rash that can develop across the body. The illness usually lasts 2 to 4 weeks and it spreads through direct contact with the rash or bodily fluids. Basically, it spreads through close contact and the CDC only recommends vaccinations for those who have come in close contact with the virus.

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