Adequate Advocate. Remember that name because this 19-year-old rapper has just made history for all the wrong reasons with these lines: "It's Aug. 5, 2013, and yo this verse is clean and mean / The police think I'm a fiend / That's why right now literally they're at my house."

This isn't some sort of gritty, Kevin Gates-level detailed street narrative; Adequate Advocate was being dead serious. He recorded a song about a police standoff during an actual police standoff. It's hard to think of an artist who actually accomplished this.

The rhymer, whose real name is Josh Jackson, drew the police's attention after allegedly threatening his roommate with a knife ("Because my roommate done did it"). Surrounded by 15 police cars and an armored SWAT vehicle, as reported by Gawker, Jackson went on to rap and even turned off the lights to mislead them ("I don't really give a f--- because I shut the lights out").

Jackson's video was interrupted when the police suddenly threw a flashbang into the room. Officials say they used the drastic measures because Jackson had a history of resisting police.

Jackson was freestyling over Mos Def's 'Mathematics,' which was produced by DJ Premier. If anything, the man does have a good ear for beats.