Action Bronson is a likable rapper with a rotund figure. But make no mistake: The man will get physical if someone approaches his performance space the wrong way, even if that someone is part of security.

The Queens, N.Y., native was onstage rapping 'Amadu Diablo' in Portland, Ore., and decided to close the song by sparking up a joint. Marijuana still isn't legal in the city, so a security guard decided to take action. He did go a bit overboard by putting his hands around Action Bronson's neck, however.

Bronson thought so too, and retaliated by repeatedly shoving the guard to the ground as the show ended. The rapper's rebellion was of course met with cheers from the crowd.

It was all in a night's fun, according to Bronson.

Bronsolino also famously body-slammed two audience members on different occasions when they decided to storm the stage uninvited. He also put another audience member on timeout for throwing a cigarette at him. So basically, Bronson will turn a performance stage into a WWE ring if he's crossed.