The trial of William Balfour, the man accused of murdering several members of Jennifer Hudson‘s family, is in full swing. As a result, the 911 tapes have been released and introduced as evidence in the triple murder case.

Balfour stands accused of killing Hudson’s mother, her brother and her nephew. It’s tragic stuff, so proceed with caution and respect when listening to it.

TMZ posted the call. Hudson’s older sister Julia came home from work and happened upon a bullet hole in the door. She then saw her mother Darnell Donerson on the floor and ran outside in order to place a 911 call. In her frantic state, she did not realize that her brother Jason was also dead inside the location. She is heard saying, “Somebody’s killed my mother.” How incredibly horrifying for her.

Julia’s 7-year-old son, also Jennifer’s nephew, was missing and found dead in an SUV a few days later. She wasn’t aware he was missing at this point.

Given the sensitive and tragic nature of the circumstances, this call is particularly difficult to listen to. The listener can hear Julia Hudson exhaling heavily and  begging the operator for an ambulance as she attempts to explain what she has witnessed insider her home.

Listen to 911 Call From Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial

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