2016 has been a rough year financially for Tyga. The rapper is in headlines non-stop for his monetary woes and they just keep piling up. From threatens of eviction to creditors constantly seeking him out for repossession, it's obvious that Tyga's lifestyle needs a few adjustments.

In early August, things got so bad that there was a warrant out for the rapper's arrest over back rent from 2011. A former landlord from when Tyga was residing in Malibu was after T-Raww for $480,285 worth of damages to the house in addition to unpaid rent. When the rapper failed to appear in court over the matter, the judge issued a bench warrant. The landlord was also ire of the fact that the rapper was able to purchase a $200,000 Maybach as a birthday present for Kylie Jenner while still owing such a large debt. Luckily for Tyga, the landlord’s legal representation asked the judge to dismiss the warrant shortly after because a settlement was reached. “There has been a settlement reached to the mutual satisfaction of the parties, the terms of which are confidential," the landlord’s attorney, Danny Abir, told People on Aug. 11. "My law partner, Boris Treyzon, will appear in court Friday morning to ask the judge to quash the bench warrant since a settlement has been reached and our client is satisfied.”

Tyga avoided jail time and was able to proceed without matters growing worse that time. However, the rapper wasn't so lucky on Aug. 30 when his Lambo got repossessed and on Sept. 3 when his Maybach got taken too. News additionally surfaced that his mom's Range Rover is also in danger of being taken. In 2016 alone, Tyga additionally faced eviction from his Hollywood Hills home, got three cars repossessed and was called out for not covering the costs of his pet tiger. Hopefully this will soon blow over for the rapper and it will all be apart of the past. Above, look over Tyga's 2016 financial woes.