600Breezy has revealed his girlfriend of two years has died by suicide.

On Tuesday (Sept. 6), the Chicago rapper shared the tragic news that his partner Raven Jackson has passed away via a series of posts on his Instagram account. The first post is a photo of the couple along with a heartbreaking caption.

"Baby why would you do this to me , why would you do this to us," 600Breezy wrote. "I was coming back home I promised you I would . You just gone leave me forever? You kno how many people love you raven ? I would’ve never left if this was the outcome . Im fucked up for the rest of my life baby mentally you just finished me . Im shaking I’m crying I love you so much stinky pie . My woman my wife my life …You pushed me away so you can do this ??? I would’ve died with you raven I did any and everything for you …I’ll never be able to love again @raven.k.jackson . I’ll see you soon baby. God help me please."

In a follow-up post, 600 Breezy shared a series of photos and videos of himself and Jackson. He captioned the collection of memories, "The best 2 years of my life …… @raven.k.jackson. God I need you please help me please. What did I do to deserve this ? you took my friends and my girl ???"

A third post shows text messages that were apparently sent to Breezy from Jackson before she reportedly took her own life by possibly jumping to her death. In the text messages, she explains how her mental health has been weighing on her for a while and apologizes for the hurt she knows her mortal decision will cause.

"It's nobody's fault. I've been tired for a long time. I've just do a good job of hiding it," a portion of one of the texts reads.

"My baby was hurting and I did everything I could to show her nothing but love and keep her going," Breezy captioned the final post. "I put everything into her and her business. I believed in her I worshipped the ground she walked on . She’s gone forever. I hate myself . Please when your loved ones are showing signs of any mental damage or health please take them serious. This is real . This is what she left me with . And I suppose to be able to continue to live ????? @raven.k.jackson you always told me you wanted to go out young so you can get that love you deserve from others and be a legend. But what about your family baby what about me?"

"You left my heart so empty and broken lifeless alone," he added. "And no matter what they say or what you say I’m gonna forever feel like it’s my fault. Please y’all pay attention to the signs of depression or mental health."

An incident that appears to match Breezy’s revelation was reported by the Chicago Police Department. According to CPD records, on Sept. 4 around 6 p.m., a woman who has not been identified fell from the 42nd floor of a commercial business in the 300 block of W. Wacker. She was transported to Northwest Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The incident is being investigated as a suicide.

If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or contemplating self-harm, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or visit Speakingofsuicide.com for additional resources.

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