50 Cent was involved in a wild incident at one of his recent concerts. TMZ posted a video of the hip-hop toughie punching a fan.

Actually, it was more of a haymaker because 50 didn’t really connect. In the clip above, you see the G-Unit leader scoping out the crowd looking for a female to get up onstage and twerk it for the crowd. 50 then extends his arm out to shake hands before he’s grabbed and pulled into the crowd by an overzealous fan.

From what we can tell in the video, it looks like 50 was startled and he reacted by throwing a punch. Luckily, newly-signed G-Unit artist Uncle Murda jumped into the fray and separated him from the crowd.

After everyone calmed down, 50 invited the female fan onstage for a twerk off. Wearing a beautiful floral-patterned dress, the woman did an adequate job twerking while Uncle Murda performed his year-end song, "Rap-Up 2016."

While we understand that 50 Cent was startled when he delivered that haymaker, he has to be more careful not to hit a female fan. Just ask Kevin Gates.

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