An artist created a mural of 50 Cent as President Trump and the Queens rap mogul does not seem too happy about it.

On Sunday (April 19), Fif shared a photo that depicts the Power producer with the current Commander in Chief's infamous comb over hairdo.

"I put this up playing around, ‍♂️now they went and painted a mural of it," 50 revealed.

In a follow-up post, he shared the photo of himself he thought was used to create the image.

"I can’t believe they pick that image of me mother fvckers," he commented.

Finally, sharing the finished version of the hilarious mural, 50 noted, "Look at this shit man, The fuck is wrong with these people. LOL"

It is unclear where the mural is located but the painting was created by an artist who goes by the name @Lushsux on Instagram. He apparently made the mural with getting a rise out of 50 in mind. On Thursday (April 16), he posted the photoshopped image on his Instagram page along with the caption, "Might paint this and see if fiddy call me a racial epithet again‬," implying they have had a previous run-in.

After sharing the completed mash-up on Sunday, Lushsux joked, "45000 comments and ill paint a yankee with no brim on @50cent."

Last week, the same person who created the original photoshopped image made an image of 50 and Post Malone that caught the attention of the rapper.

With nowhere to go and no shows taking place due to the coronavirus, 50 has been more active on social media recently. Last week, he traded shots with Ja Rule after Ja suggested he and Fif battle it out in the new Instagram Versuz battle series put on by Timbaland and Swizz Beats.

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