A music video shoot at Blueface's California home turned into multiple boxing matches after some of the video vixens started squabbling, and it was all captured by the rapper on his Instagram Story.

On Saturday afternoon (April 18), the "Thotiana" rhymer risked it all amid the coronavirus pandemic and invited what looks like at least a dozen or so people to his home to shoot a music video. Blue shared outtakes from the filming via IG. In one scene, the bikini-clad women twerk on all fours on the rapper's backyard football field while Blue plays an adult game of Duck, Duck Goose.

In the next scene, things are starting to heat up between two of the women, as the group is all gathered in one room. Tough talk between two ladies leads to fists being thrown and a fight breaks out.

"It's going up!" Blueface says, narrating the fight. "They going viral."

The women are eventually separated but continue threatening each other with violence. In another wild clip captured on IG, one woman rips the wig off another, causing a whole scene. Later on, more women are grappling on the floor as security tries to break them up. It's truly like something out of a reality show.

Following the events, the young woman who allegedly had her wig snatched off hopped on social media to tell her side of the situation.

"Y’all... Blueface invited me to his video shoot and this girl had the nerve to say, 'leave you ugly darkskin bitch' 'you bald because you dark skinned you ugly bitch' 'yo kick this black hoe out'...all for no reason? What is this bullshit occurring for in 2020?" she posted.

"Mind you I was attacked because I WASN’T fighting," she added. "[And] the girl who snatched my hair to 'prove I was bald' came up saying how I was 'thirsty & a hoe for talking to blueface while everybody fighting'... these bitches are INSANE."

On Sunday (April 19), Blueface commented on the whole uproar caused by the video.

"They were not fighting over me it was a lot of Henny mixed with a lil attitude," he wrote on his IG Story. "I have not had relations with any of these women no one was being racists more then half the people here was black so if you believe that your invested in the internet a lil to much."

BluefaceBleedEm via Instagram
BluefaceBleedEm via Instagram

See the entire dysfunctional scene below.

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