50-Cent has a lot to talk about these days, considering his fifth album, 'Animal Ambition,' is coming out in June. For about an hour, the controversial rapper sat down with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex to discuss topics ranging from his recent break with Interscope Records, the possibility of a G-Unit reunion and patching things up with Nas.

If you remember, the two Queens, N.Y.-bred rappers were at odds for quite some time. However, some might say it was 50 who created the beef and kept it going, since Nas hardly ever said anything bad about him publicly. This might be the reason Mr. Jackson went out of his way to see the MC recently.

"He was in New York recently at The Beacon Theater," 50 detailed. "It was the 20th anniversary of 'Illmatic.' I didn't go to the concert. I went to see him ahead of the concert when he was actually doing his rehearsals and stuff. He called earlier that week... he was just saying 'I know you got something crazy planned [for Hot 97 Summer Jam].' I just gotta make sure we in the loop. We know what's going on."

Apparently, with Hot 97's Summer Jam being just around the corner, some are wondering what tricks artists like 50 Cent will have up their sleeve. Could fans possibly see a G-Unit reunion on stage?

Maybe, says 50, but first the other members -- Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck -- will have to put in more work on their own, and it's very doubtful Game would be part of any G-Unit reunion. At least that's what some people might say.

"There's a possibility for us to do things, but they gotta get themselves together," said the 'Hustler' rapper.

And as far as his split with Interscope Records -- ran by Jimmy Iovine -- 50 stated their falling out had to do with headphones, considering he was made the majority owner of the headphone company SMS some time ago.

"We speak to each other and he expressed that he didn't like me," 50 noted. "It stems for his passion for Beats. When he sees me with SMS. And you know what I didn't understand was because I had things in the past. Exact things we could make comparisons to. Like Phat Farm. Russell Simmons when he had Phat Farm, he didn't tell us to not have Sean John, Rocawear, or G-Unit."

50 also speaks on Jay Z and Drake's current rift, which he feels like Hov "inherited" from Kanye West's previous beef with the Toronto rapper; Troy Ave being a little too inspired by his work and his early beginnings writing songs for Diddy.

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