Senior Congresswoman Maxine Waters made a rare appearance on The Breakfast Club.  Maxine Waters has always been an outspoken member of Congress from taking on Donald Trump to taking on a coalition of politicians who hated rap.  Maxine Waters has been an advocate for civil rights and has often been critical of Hip Hop music lyrics.

  • Maxine Waters was very vocal about redlining, where people were discriminated against based off of their race.  She was one of the lawmakers who got rid of the discriminatory process and she breaks down why these loans economically destroyed communities.
  • She took on several of her colleagues who were vocal about the misogyny and the language often associated with Hip Hop but was also an advocate of free speech.  She expressed that she was a fan of Tupac and censorship is unconstitutional and has always been a fan of free speech.
  • Maxine Waters also talked about the current state of American health care. Maxine Waters has been critical about President Trump's health care stance.  She wants to work with the insurance companies and congress to revolutionize health care.
  • Maxine Waters has been one of the first people who have called for Trump's impeachment based off of some of his behavior.  She calls for his impeachment based off of Donald Trump's moral code she believes that he has colluded with Russia. She also claims that Donald Trump is motivated to lift sanctions in Russia to make money from Russian oil.
  • She thinks that activist and people challenging the system is the only way to get things done.  She believes the pressure that comes from activism motivates politicians to make a change.

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