Hip Hop's Hottest right now is Cardi B.  Cardi is no stranger to the Breakfast Club's hot seat. Cardi B stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about her BET nomination, Nicki Minaj Offset and keeping it hood. Here are 5 things we learned from Cardi's appearance.

  •  Cardi B's former career as an exotic dancer motivates Cardi to get out of bed in the morning and get on her music grind.
  • She says her sister Hennessey didn’t like women before dating her current girlfriend and when she told Cardi she thought she was gay she was actually crying about it. She adds that she really likes her sister’s girlfriend.
  • Even though Cardi’s a Bronx native she’s a Red Saux fan because “that’s where all the Dominicans [players] is at.”
  • She says she’s conversed with Nicki Minaj but won’t get into details about what they spoke about. As far as that line many thought was a subliminal at Nicki she says “People don’t understand that I got beef with like 10 b*tches still in the hood.” We don’t know if any of them are rapping and throwing subs at her but whatever. Also Nicki never asked her to be in her video.
  • Cardi B is pushing a Bentley truck even though she doesn’t have a license.

Cardi B will be in the Capital District at The Times Union Center on October 21st for Homecoming 2017.


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