The 20th anniversary of 2Pac's death was last Tuesday (Sept. 13). While many wrote tributes to the late rapper, and reflected on his legacy; which is as informed by social awareness as it is the rebellious antagonism that came to define his final days. In interviews shared by journalist and Pac interviewer Kevin Powell, it seems that, after spending 11 months in jail, Pac was willing to be cordial with his rivals.

"We all black and everything…but I’m not talking about division," he said. "I’m talking about realism. You don’t hang with us. You live different than we live. We all brothers, but we don’t all live the same. Even in a real family. I don’t live with my mother, I don’t live with my brother. We all come together for Thanksgiving, we all get together for Christmas. If any of them call I don’t wish nothing bad to the n----. They call and say why don’t we do a celebrity this this this in my neighborhood, I’m wit it."

There's always theories to what Pac would have been doing if he were alive today and in the interview Pac revealed what he planned on doing next with his life as well as some life lessons he gained from time served in jail.

"I learned that fear is stronger than love. And no matter how much love I got for my peoples, man, if somebody else making them scared, my people gonna do me in. And I learned that a lot of people support me for just being me," he said. "And I have to give back. And a lot of people look up to me to give back. So I have to be able to give back. But I can’t give back if I’m broke. So I have to be about my business and my money now. Before I wanted to talk and explain what I’m doing. I’m not doing that no more. Nobody’s gonna understand me. I just came up with that. After reading what people was writing in VIBE. Ain’t no need for me to make people try to understand me. I’m gonna be out here and do my music, do some movies. Try to give back to the hood any way I can. I’ma give out food every Christmas, I’ma give out turkeys every Thanksgiving. I’ma have a Mother’s Day program."

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