When people hear names like Eminem, Jay Z and Drake, they quickly think of them as impeccable lyricists who have influenced hip-hop and have overall success as businessmen. However, would you think the same thing if you heard the name Marshall Mathers, Aubrey Graham or Shawn Carter?

Rappers have always taken on different monikers in place of their government names. Someone yelling out "Curtis Jackson" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as hearing "50 Cent" shouted by thousands of fans in a stadium. Let's face it, the tough guy rap persona comes into play when they're thinking about their artist identity. The same name their mom screamed out when they were a kid usually isn't going to work when selling albums. An artist's stage name sets them apart from the pack and also helps build the brand they're known for around the world.

And although we've gotten to know some rhymers for both their stage and birth names, there are still other MCs whose most devoted fans are clueless when it comes to what's listed on their birth certificate. Whether it's because they sound so ordinary or they're surprisingly unique, The Boombox highlights rappers whose real names will shock you. Here are 20 Rappers' Real Names Revealed.

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