Back in the 1950s, the NY Thruway came to life, and this promotional video gives a pretty cool vintage glimpse of the Capital Region.

"A superhighway 535 miles long running from one end of our state to the other. Without a steep hill, a red light, a crossroad, or a sharp curve...and the wonderful thing it won't cost the people of the state a cent in taxes."

That quote above is how the promotion video below from the New York State Archives describes the new highway in the 1950s that would connect New York City to the Capital Region and Buffalo.

Not only does the video show the new superhighway being built, but it also gives you a great glimpse of what Albany, Schenectady, and Troy looked like in the 1950s

So check out these great still shots from the video below highlighting some of those classic views of the tri-cities and the highway being built, followed by the video itself!

Vintage 1951 Video Shows NY Thruway Being Built In Albany

It was a pretty big deal when the Thruway was being built in the 1950's and this vintage video not only shows the highway being built in the Albany area, but also some vinatge shots of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy.

At the 4:22 mark of this video, it shifts focus to the Capital Region and Albany, touting the need for "dramatic action" so traffic does not "strangle industry" in Albany. Interesting stuff - check it out!

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