A 14-year-old boy was arrested on Wednesday evening in Troy after he allegedly carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint, and later crashed into a residential section of "The Collar City" trying to evade the police!  See the video of the aftermath below...

Sidewinder Photography was on-hand with a video (you can see it posted below) that shows the aftermath of a crash reported just after 9 pm on Wednesday.
Sidewinder reports that at around 9 pm Wednesday, Troy Police officers received a 911 call "where the victim reported his vehicle had been stolen at gunpoint by a young male."

While the first wave of officers completed the investigation, other officers spotted the vehicle, "occupied, traveling in downtown Troy" according to the report.

When Troy Police tried to stop the car, it sped away with police in pursuit, and that's when the minor apparently lost control of the vehicle and crashed in the area of 3rd Street and Washington Street in Troy.

Photo: Screengrabbed from Sidewinder Photography Facebook
14-year-old crashes stolen car in Troy on Wednesday night

According to the report, police found a 16-year-old passenger in the car - held against his will, and thankfully unharmed.  Police identified the driver of the car (also unharmed) as a 14-year-old male from Troy, but they withheld his name due to his age.

They never did find the gun that was believed to have been tossed out the window of the car near The Ruck in Troy.

The 14-year-old juvenile has a history of crime, and was wanted last week by the NYPD!

"The same juvenile male from this incident in Troy was arrested by Troy PD/Albany PD officers only eight days ago at the request of NYPD. During that investigation, the juvenile male was arrested, brought to New York City, and charged with Robbery in the First Degree and Assault in the Second Degree stemming from an incident that occurred in New York City." -Sidewinder Photography Facebook 

Check out the video aftermath here:

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