It’s rough out there for guys to get to know and understand women, especially if they agree to go on a date with them.

A recent survey found that these days, men have a hard time adjusting to the dating scene, particularly with texting when they finally manage to land a steady girlfriend. Here are some other problems that didn’t make the survey.

1. The lack of a solid legal precedent on what constitutes “cheating.”

2. Finding a caring woman who appreciates you for you and the head growing out of your stomach.

3. The whole “priests can’t date” thing.

4. You try to be chivalrous and pay for the lady, but do it with campaign donations to pay for the love child you had with her and suddenly it’s a felony.

5. Women always talk about how they want someone to give them a ring, but they always freak out when you do it on the first date.

6. If men were meant to dance, they would have been born with tap shoes.

7. Not only is it difficult to find an open-minded woman, but it’s twice as hard to convince your wife about the idea of an open marriage.

8. Women love it when their guy makes sure they make it home, but sleeping outside their house all night to make sure they stayed there is “stalking.”

9. The ladies who never agree to go out with you, no matter how nice you are to them or how many dollars you stuff in their G-string.

10. Women say they want independence, but never when it comes to picking up the check.

11. They won’t call you back, even though you paid their phone bill of $10.95 a minute.

12. The fear that “Hillary might find out.”

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