There are hundreds of statues across Upstate New York.  Most of them tell great stories about dramatic footnotes to our region's past history.  Here is a list of 12 statues, from the Hudson Valley to far western New York, that will inspire you with their incredible back stories.  If you come upon any of these in your travels we encourage you to stop for a moment and absorb the history of the statue in front of you.  These are all great.

12 Unknown Upstate New York Monuments With Inspiring Stories Behind Them

Statues, monuments and memorials dot the landscape of Upstate New York by the hundreds. Are you the type that likes to pull the car over and take a look? I am. Here are a dozen fascinating statues that have remarkable, inspiring, and, in some cases, little known stories behind them.

10 Of the Best & Beautiful Afternoon Drives in Upstate New York

Hop in the car, and take a drive on any of these stretches of road. You're going to do a lot of pulling over to snap a picture!

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