You knew when Drake released the tracklist for Views that there was going to be a lot of slick talk on the album -- or maybe you knew before that.

Ever since he said, "Diss me and you'll never hear a reply for it" on his breakout project So Far Gone, fans have been looking out for any potential reply in one of Drizzy's bars. It's lead to a lot of speculation about potential subliminals he may be spitting -- not all of which is unfounded.

When Meek Mill called out Drake for using ghostwriters roughly a year ago, it began a string of events that would pit the two against each other in a very public way. It didn't get too ugly, but the public sided with Drake while Meek got hit with a probation violation.

That quickly spilled over into perceived tension between Drake and Nicki Minaj, labelmates at opposite ends of a fight considering the latter was dating Meek during the feud. Both of the Young Money signees were clearly in awkward positions and neither of them spoke on it very often, but Views seems to start with some strong words towards a friend who turned their back on Drake when things went wrong. Could he be talking about Nicki?

Then there's the Tory Lanez thing. The "Say It" singer has been on-again, off-again when it comes to Drake, saying he's a fan one minute and then implying that the OVO leader views him as a threat the next. Drake could be taking shots at him with certain lines toward local rappers in his city throughout the album.

The more we listen, the more we hear the subliminals, so read on for 10 featured on Drake's Views.

  • "Keep the Family Close"


    Suspected Target: Nicki Minaj

    Subliminal: "And it's all because you chose a side/You're supposed to put your pride aside and ride for me/Guess it wasn't time, and of course you went and chose a side that wasn't mine."

    Nicki Minaj never really sided with Meek or Drake publicly, instead saying that she loved both of them and hated they were fighting. But it sounds like Drake feels otherwise.

  • "9"


    Suspected Target: Jay Z

    Subliminal: "MJ in every way, I just don't fade away"

    Hov has always referred to himself as the Michael Jordan of recording, so Drake making such an explicit reference to being Jordan "in every way" sure sounds like a sub.

  • "Hype"


    Suspected Target: Unknown

    Subliminal: "My enemies wanna be friends with my other enemies/I don't let it get to me"

    It's harder to know who Drake is talking about here, but it might be DJ Drama, who allegedly colluded with Meek Mill and Quentin Miller to leak the reference records Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex played on the radio last year.

  • "Weston Road Flows"


    Suspected Target: Quentin Miller

    Subliminal: "A lot of problems that can't be fixed with a conversation / Your best day is my worst day, I get green like Earth Day"

    In the wake of the ghostwriting controversy, Quentin emerged with a slightly bigger profile, but it sounds like Drake wants to knock him down a peg with this bar.

  • "Redemption"


    Suspected Target: Unknown

    Subliminal: "Girl, really gon' spend the winter with this other nigga?/Act like he's really the one to get through it with you/Took up with Jessica, Kim, you know that I'm bound to see you"

    Sounds like Drake's talking to one of his (many, many) exes. But who?

  • "Still Here"


    Suspected Target: Tory Lanez

    Subliminal: "Me and all my niggas doin' well, doin' well, dog/You not from the city, I could tell, I could tell, dog/Did it, did it, did it by myself, by myself, dog/Blew up and I'm in the city still, I'm still here, dog"

    If Drake is talking about not being from Toronto, chances are he's addressing Tory, who's actually from Brampton, not T. Dot. Shots fired all over this track.

  • "Pop Style"


    Suspected Target: Tory Lanez or Meek Mill

    Subliminal: "And I like to finish what you think you started/Man you boys just got to Hollywood, you boys just started/You don't know what you just started."

    This could be directed at Meek, who certainly started something that Drake effectively finished, or Tory, who started taking more shots at Drake once his track "Say It" blew up.

  • "Grammys"

    Drake Featuring Future

    Suspected Target: Mo-G

    Subliminal: "And the whole city rave me/And I'm back inside a matrix/And I said that we would make it / Aim squad with some traitors"

    Earlier this year, OVO affiliate Mo-G posted videos on Instagram bashing Drake, his business associate Oliver and the camp for being snakes and leeches. Despite being shouted out on "Summer Sixteen," Mo-G later posted a photo of himself laying in the hospital after apparently taking a beating. Perhaps that's the traitor Drake is talking about here.

  • "Too Good"

    Drake Featuring Rihanna

    Suspected Target: Rihanna

    Subliminal: "We gotta take time with this/Cock up yuh bumper, sit down pon it"

    It's a given that if Drake and Rihanna are on a track together, they're probably addressing each other. The above line is just one of many that stick out, especially because of the patois that connects to Rihanna's Caribbean lineage.

  • "Fire & Desire"


    Suspected Target: Rihanna

    Subliminal: "You a real ass woman and I like it/I don't wanna fight it"

    Rumors have been swirling that these two are back together ever since "Work" blew up and Drake's been coming out to perform it with her on her tour dates -- in highly suggestive ways, of course. Everyone knows Rih is trill; seems like Drake is saying he wants her back.

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