With nearly 750+ types of apples its hard to decide which is best for eating, baking, making cider & applesauce.  Crisp, sweet, tart, soft, sounds more like a coffee order at Starbucks! (tall, iced, soy, latte). Check out 10 top apples to be picked & their best purpose.

Honeycrisp- sweet & crisp with a honey flavor; cross between macoun & honeygold; good for baking & eating. My favorite pick!

McIntosh-juicy, tart & smooth; good for eating & baking

Granny Smith-tart & crisp; esp good for baking & cooking

Gala-crisp, juicy, sweet; great for snacking

Braeburn-spicy sweet & a great all purpose apple

Cortland-very sweet with a slight tartness; great for baking pies

Empire-cross between Red Delicious & McIntosh; crisp, juicy & tart; good for eating fresh

Fuji-crisp & sweet; all purpose with a very long shelf life & stay fresh up to 6 months in frig!

Golden Delicious-sweet with a slight tartness; great for pies, applesauce, salads, or eating raw

Pink Lady-cross between Golden Delicious & Lady Williams; uniquely sweet & tart; great for eating fresh & baking

Lots of varieties of apples & plenty ways to eat them including slicing 'em up with peanut butter! Now your talkin. You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doc away, so get picking & enjoy apple season!

credit: getty images