Z-Ro embraces his Rother Vandross persona on the new single "My Money." The accompanying music video sees the Houston rapper laying up in bed with a sexy lady counting his cash and hanging out at the gym. Cameos are made by fellow H-Town rhymer Slim Thug and UFC fighter Derrick Lewis. Z-Ro mainly sticks to singing on this track which is more than welcomed since Ro's got the chops.

"Certain people at the record label tried to block my shine/But I am the sun/13 years later and I am not done/That's why they tripping/They'd rather see me homeless, begging for nickels and dimes/But I ain't the one/This big ass house ain't in the slums/I'm out here getting it/They always got their bitter beer face/They ain't drinking what I'm drinking, that's that bitter beer taste/They stay mad, but they can kiss ass/I shed blood, sweat and tears for this/This wasn't overnight either, I waited years for this/Amen, I'm thanking God on my knees and hands," Z-Ro sings.

"My Money" will appear on Z-Ro's upcoming album Drankin' and Drivin' which is due out this Friday (July 15). You can check out the official tracklist below and pre-order the LP now on iTunes. And don't forget to check out Z-Ro's new protest song "No Justice No Peace" as it will not be featured on his album.

1. “Devil Ass City”
2. “My Money”
3. “Where the Real”
4. “Naked Headed Lover”
5. “He Hoes”
6. “Since We Lost Y’all” Feat. Krayzie Bone
7. “Hate Me So Much”
8. “Baby Momma Blues”
9. “New Shit”
10. “Hostage”
11. “I Ain’t Gonna Lie”
12. “Successful”
13. “Women Men”

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