10 Hip-Hop Songs Sampling Earth, Wind & Fire
As the music world mourns the loss of a true innovator XXL digs through the digital crates to see just how impactful Earth Wind & Fire have had on the hip-hop world. Here are ten hip-hop songs that sample Earth Wind & Fire classics.
T-Pain Enters The Boombox Battle Hall of Fame
Whether you like him Auto-Tune or not, T-Pain is a winner. The 'Buy U A Drank' singer and rapper proved he doesn't need to be enhanced in order to produce a hit as he is the latest artist to be inducted into the Boombox Battle Hall of Fame.
30 Awkward Style Moments in Hip-Hop
Memorable fails from Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah, Da Brat, Grandmaster Flash, Fabolous, Ice-T, Diddy and Foxy Brown, among others, prove good music isn't enough to steer clear of the fashion police. Check out 30 Awkward Style Moments in Hip-Hop.

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