Local Man Wanted: Do You Recognize Him?
A photo circulating around town yesterday of a man on a bike piqued my interest enough to keep my eyes open near where I live in Albany.  Unfortunately, I haven't spotted him yet, but police are asking people to be on the lookout for him. Do you recognize this man wanted as part of an &apo…
Will Body Cameras Change Policing in Albany?
On Monday, October 3, 2016, 20 Albany police officers will begin piloting body-worn cameras from four different vendors to aid the committee in determining which vendor will best meet the needs of the police department and the community...
Dallas Cops Not Indicted For Killing Mentally Disabled Man [VIDEO]
Dallas police officers John Rogers and Andrew Hutchins have been cleared of any charges in the fatal shooting of mentally disabled victim Jason Harrison in front of his home last June.
This video shows the June 14, 2014 fatal shooting of mental patient Jason Harrison, 38, who was shot while holding a…
Another Unarmed Man Shot By The Police? [VIDEO]
Another man was allegedly shot by an officer, this time the officer was black and the person shot was black as well. The officer pulled the men over for running a stop sign.
Screaming over and over "Don't you f---ing move!" and "Show me your hands...
Fresh Off The Press Get Your Hot Newz Here! [AUDIO]
Extra Extra hear all about it!
Do you want to know whats going on in your own backyard? Did you miss the nightly and morning news? Don’t have time to read the news?  Don’t worry! Ill reading the Newz so You Don’t Have to!
Checkout today’s Hot Newz:
Summary of New York State Police Statement on Herkimer Shooting
New York State police held a press conference earlier today (3/14) regarding the death of a shooting suspect in Herkimer. The suspect had shot six and killed four on 3/13 at two different locations. Police had him cornered overnight and opened fire on him when he shot and killed an FBI K9 Officer.
NYPD Officer Shoots Homeless Man’s Dog [EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO]
Fridays are supposed to be fun! Unless your life is in turmoil or you have a long weekend, most people are consistently happy and chipper on Fridays. With that being said, I was thinking about holding off on posting this so I wouldn’t kill the mood of the weekend. However, there isn&…