Man shot in arm on Schenectady’s Union Street
Scary Shooting near Union College right in our backyard: Luckily he didn’t die from this. It’s really sad that people don’t have anything better to do than pull a gun on someone when an argument starts what happened to handling it like men not savages.…
Troy Man In Court Over Alleged Teen Attacks
A Troy Man, Joseph Badger, of Sixth Avenue was accused of two accounts of harassing teenage girls. He pleaded not guilty Sept. 15 to all charges, he is due in court today. According to Times Union here is what he is accused of:
In the first, the victim, a 16-year-old girl, said he tried to get her in…
FBI Releases Photos of Suspects in Boston Bombing
Late Thursday afternoon (4/18) the FBI held a press conference regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon which occurred in Boston on Monday. Here is the latest information that the FBI released to the media regarding this act of terror.
Boston Bombing Updates – Unclear if Suspect Arrested
UPDATE: 3:56:
This will be the last update of this article this afternoon. There is a press conference with the FBI at 5P, after which we'll publish a new article recapping the details. What we do know as fact is that the FBI and has made "significant progress" in this investigation.
Two Suspicious Deaths Being Investigated in Rotterdam
UPDATE at 7:30 PM: There are reports that a mother and daughter have been found strangled in the home. The initial call was to the fire department for a structure fire which was quickly put out when they arrived. It was then that the bodies were discovered...
Summary of New York State Police Statement on Herkimer Shooting
New York State police held a press conference earlier today (3/14) regarding the death of a shooting suspect in Herkimer. The suspect had shot six and killed four on 3/13 at two different locations. Police had him cornered overnight and opened fire on him when he shot and killed an FBI K9 Officer.
Two Teens Arrested In Troy Stabbing Case
A horrible tragedy happened in Troy on Monday where a 21 year old Albany man was stabbed to death. 21 year old Takim Smith was visiting a woman at the Corliss Park Apartment Building when two teens allegedly made their way into the apartment and stabbed him multiple times.
Arrest Made in Albany Railroad Puppy Abuse Case
A few months ago we told you the horrible story about how someone nailed some sweet little puppies to the railroad tracks. Today we are really glad to be able to report that the person responsible is now in jail.
Albany Cellphone Store Employee Steals Nude Photo off Phone
An Albany area cellphone store employee has been arrested after he stole a nude picture off of a customers phone - and texted it to himself. Colonie Police arrested the Verizon Wireless employee after the customer realized that the photo had been texted off of his phone.
Nine Arrests Made at Albany Hazing Incident
How'd you spend your Friday night? Perhaps lying on a basement floor with your face submerged in water, while being spanked with a wooden paddle and begging for mercy? No? Perhaps if there was cold water being poured on your head from a garden hose? Still doesn't sound fun? Albany police didn't thin…
Abused Puppies Nailed to Railroad Tracks in Albany
This has to be one of the most cruel stories we're ever seen - and just leaves us at a loss for words. Three puppies, less than a month old, were found nailed to the railroad tracks in Albany. The three puppies are a pit bull mix and were found on Saturday between North Pearl and Broadway.
Beats By Dre Among Top Stolen Items
According to police, “Beats By Dre” headphones are on top of the “favorite things to steal” list along with iPhones. A massive counterfeit ring was busted by New York police earlier this year that had over 4,200 headphones.
D-Roc of Ying Yang Twins Arrested for DUI
Ying Yang Twins member D-Roc (real name Deongelo Holmes) was arrested on June 1 in Gwinnett County, Ga., for DUI, drug possession, child-endangerment and other charges. Apparently, a police officer witnessed the rapper allegedly swerving out of a lane as he drove his 2002 GMC Yukon Denali.

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