Celebrating Aaliyah’s Music
Today as many of you know marks the 15 year tragic death of R&B princess Aaliyah.
She left a incredible mark on the music industry and no one has since emerged with her talent,swag and spirit.She was truly on the brink of an incredible career and her music still stands the test of time.
Best R&B Fan Art
From gifts to showing up at every concert, fans show devotion to their favorite artists in various ways. And some actually find so much inspiration in their favorite R&B singer that they take their creativity to paper or computer screen and come out with a work of art.
Timbaland And Jay Z ‘Adopted’ Drake?
Even after her untimely death, Aaliyah’s spirit is still full of life. Current artists who grew up fans of the R&B star have been itching to drop posthumous records featuring her material. Though Chris Brown and Drake have both dropped records with Aaliyah samples, Timbaland …

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