#PrayforNiko has been the hashtag that has been trending all week. Last Friday Niko Dinovo 16, was the passenger in a severely bad car accident that left him with 95% of his body severely burnt. The car Niko was riding in that night crashed into a park car on Concel road outside of Blessing Traven causing both cars to crash into the building catching on fire. Niko is a fighter and strong young boy and we know he will come out of this,however it is going to be long road of recovery ahead. Niko is well loved all over the community and people,family and friends have come together to donate and contribute to Niko's recovery. Headliners Barbershop on Central Ave is one among the many that are raising funds in efforts to help Niko in his family with all the medical cost. Headliners will be having a haircut drive where all the proceeds that they make will be donated to the Dinovo family. For more information contact Headliners at (518) 488-9190