Congrats to Guy Montgomery he one a smart wheel segway just for doing his thing in school !

Here is what his Mom who nominated him had to say :

My son is a junior and attends rensselaer high school. He attends school everyday, has not missed school 1 day and is always on time. He is a captain for the varsity football team and is very dedicated! His progress report is wonderful and all his teachers have nothing but great things to say about him. He truly is a blessing to all the people lives he touches! He is 16 and does not hang out in the streets, workouts on a daily basis, has many great friends, attends school, helps with his sisters, chores on top of school and football practice. He also does track and field: discus and shock putt. He is respectful, smart, helpful, intelligent, bright, and of course handsome! I could go on and on but that's just some of his many qualities! He truly does deserve a Segway for just being him! I am honored to call him my son, my Prince!