There is no Halloween fun if the hip and hop is not included. Some of the best Halloween soundtracks come from your favorite Hip Hop artists. Here is a list of some spooky, creative hip hop Halloween soundtracks I have put together based off of the songs our listeners requested to hear on Halloween.

1) There is no Halloween with out this song BIG CLASSIC right here.

2) I'm sure we all knew the lyrics to this song.

3) Now don't front you was definitely scared of this song as a Kid and the music video was CRAZY.

4) This song is the bomb. I remember as a Kid I really thought Eminem had some problems because he was always so detailed in his music and I used to think to myself was he far real or not.

5) Another BIG CLASSIC. If you don't know this song well I feel sorry for you.

6) The lyrics in this song alone puts you in another state of mind.

7) Have you ever wanted to interview a Vampire? Probably not huh!

8) I love story telling music. This one will always be a all-time CLASSIC