For starters the Elbow room did not shut down entirely, however they did loose there liquor licence and it was not due to underage drinking but due to the latest shooting that took place back in September. All over my Facebook timeline people of Albany are outraged about the restaurant and bar closing up. At first I was upset to because there food more specifically there wings are bomb, I remember as far back as to elementary eating food from there. Shortly after I learned fully what the reason was I no longer could be mad. We as a whole community ruin things for ourselves and ruin other peoples hard work as well.Its sad because its only a small few that destroy and ruin it for everyone.But we all have to deal with the consequences. Getting drunk and fighting causing a ruckus and injuring people and most of the time innocent people is not whats up and clearly the city of Albany is fed up with it.I have never not seen Albany with out a nightlife growing up Albany was lit and its sad to say that its pretty much dead. Here is a post my friend on Facebook made about all the clubs and venues that Albany had going for itself but was short lived due to various reasons.

All the good clubs and venues are gone forever.Rip to Albany nightlife.