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Album Review: Tech9 – Strange Reign
Every artist on Strange is super dope in their own way. I got a chance to see them live 2 years ago not all the members but half of them and it was one of the best concerts of my LI
Predictions For The 2017 Bet Hip Hop Awards
So its officially going down tonight. The 2017 Bet Hip Hop awards kicks off at 8pm. I don't know but for some reason I'm super excited to watch it tonight( haven't been in awhile). DJ Khaled is set to host the Award show and from the list of performers and nominations it look like its…
The Supreme Experience Birthday Bash
This is actually a first for me, i'm having a Birthday Party to celebrate, its at a private location. Allegedly there will be food and I have my Hot Team hosting and DJing. Dj Big Rob, DJ Show, Dj Ness Nice, DJ Biz and some special guest.
Generation NExt Altez Vs Endia

Generation Next is back during the week. Listen to The Supreme Experience weeknights around 6:30 for the hottest independent artist in the state of New York.
Girls Trip Makes History [The 411 With ADRI.V The Go Getta]
Girls Trip just made history as the first film starring, directed, produced and written by African-Americans to reach the $100 million mark! Woot!
After four weeks at the theaters, the raunchy comedy surpassed the $100 million milestones at the domestic box office, making it the first comedy to do so…
New Music Alert
Thank god for music always dropping daily. I swear the world would be lonely if there was not beat to what is going on. Well I try to stay in the loop but I still like what I like. This weekend after finishing up packing to move I caught on some new music and videos...

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