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Arrest Warrant Issued for The Game
After The Game was given 48 hours to show up in court to answer why he hasn’t turned over his financial information, A warrant has officially been issued for the 38-year-old rapper.
“Trip”: Ella Mai’s or Jaquees’?
If you were lucky enough to get a hold of Jacquees' version before the cease and desist, congratulations. You can't find it ANYWHERE on the net.
Some say that Jacquees' version of the Ella Mai track was taken down only because "Jacquees' version is better", and not because of legalities bet…
Company Offer Money To Smoke Weed
Marijuana Legalization is happening all around the globe. A company in Canada wants to do research on cannabis smokers. They are offering "expereinced" marijuana smokers up to $50 per hour to do what they love doing smoking marijuana.
This one is a little different...
Stop The Violence Neighborhood Cleanup
Sunday, August 26 is the second “Albany, NY Neighborhood Cleanup.” This would be the second neighborhood cleaning by, Albany Highrollaz, The Council H.O.O.D, Alpha Ridaz, and Suicide Squad MC.
Souly Had and Entreband First Radio Interview With KeishaRenee
It's always a great feeling to me when I meet dope artists and instantly vibe with them. Especially if I already see them going far based on their work ethic and humbleness.
Last week, Souly Had and Entreband stopped by the studio to chop some things up with me and introduce themselves to s…
Faith Evans Shows Love To The Capital Region
Faith Evans stopped by the Capital Region, to perform at this year's Black Arts And Cultural Festival. This festival at the Empire State Plaza is an annual summer festival held in celebration of African-American heritage and culture. Eac...
Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2018 [Vote]
So the year is not over with just yet. We are only half way there but I must admit that the albums that have dropped thus far are setting the bar high. Earlier this year Cardi B dropped her debut album "Invasion of privacy" which almost all of her songs have debuted on Billboard Hot 100. S…

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