Our very loyal listener Christine from Watervliet invited me to her favorite ice cream parlor. I thought -- because of the name -- it was a classic drive-in theater, but I was not disappointed at all. I got to meet the owner Tom and Nana, the Waffle Queen, as she calls herself.

I got the chance to try one of Mac's Drive-in's homemade waffle cones and I couldn't get enough! I also tried the homemade ice cream. The ice cream comes in soft and hard flavors like Black Raspberry, Cookie Monster, and Coffee. If you're hungry, they have classic American food and a variety of milkshake flavors as well. Matt made me a yummy orangesicle and classic strawberry on a waffle cone. (Heaven)!

I love that they have rides for the kids and picnic tables in every size! Located at 648 3rd Ave in Watervliet, it is absolutely worth the trip no matter what the weather is like.

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