Big Sean isn't really having a good time in the NSFW video for 'Ashley,' the Miguel-assisted song featured on his 'Hall of Fame' album. The visuals finds the rapper beaten, kidnapped, toyed with and shot over the course of four-and-a-half minutes.

The Detroit native gets attacked and kidnapped from a parking lot by an ex-girlfriend and her new man. The reason behind the crime isn't extortion or anything of the sort. Big Sean is tortured by being forced to watch his ex and her new tattooed boyfriend make love multiple times.

The MC uses a small opportunity to escape, only to be shot and caught by his ex once more. She then forces Sean, at gunpoint, to dig a ditch for himself. The rhymer retaliates by attempting to turn around and hit her with the shovel before a gunshot is heard. Then the screen goes to black. Naya Rivera may be a widow, assuming the ex is a good shot.

Thankfully the Ellis Bahl-directed clip isn't real. Big Sean is reportedly working on his third album.