Opportunity needs to be seized to make an impact. DMV rapper YungManny knows all too well the importance of taking chances, and seeing where his strengths lie. He's made it clear that being an artist isn't an aspiration he's had his whole life. However, the rap newcomer gave it a shot when he was just 12 years old, and now at 18, he has multiple viral songs under his belt and a unique approach to boot. YungManny is well-versed in the fluid and tightly linked rap flows of his hometown, but his music is always fun and has a youthful glow to it. He has a deep understanding of what works, which is why he's a regular on TikTok. His biggest moment so far is his 2021 single "Clap For ’Em" featuring Sada Baby and Flo Milli, which has over 52 million streams on Spotify.

In his early days, YungManny didn't curse in his music, and as he admits in his interview for The Break Live, didn't even tell his parents that he rapped. They weren't aware that he made music until they heard him on the radio, an opportunity that he won through a chance trip to the beauty supply store with his sister (long story). From there, he never let up. Manny dropped a bunch of projects, with 2018's Meade Times housing his first big song, "Moana," and to sold out a hometown show at the Fillmore with his close friend, fellow DMV rapper XanMan. It feels like the rising rapper always has another song that's primed to take off. Considering his last project was 2020's Confused, he's even running it up off songs he made long ago, such as "Bitcoin," which he made when he was 14. The track is now nearing 3 million streams on Spotify since its recent rerelease. He has the golden touch, and is showing no signs of losing it.

Check out YungManny's The Break Live interview below.

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