No one is safe from Twitter ether, not even your favorite rapper. As an avid user of the social network, Yung Joc understands this. With more than 157,000 followers (and counting) on Twitter, the man famous for having the world "joc-in'" to his 2006 hit 'It's Goin' Down' has been under the watchful eye of the public -- even if he disappeared from the spotlight -- for quite some time.

Seven years after his sophomore album, 'Hustlenomics,' the Atlanta rhymer has returned and he's more in your face than ever. Joc has a new album in the works with RCA Records and he showcases his personal life (the good and the bad) weekly on season 3 of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.' While the reality show is known for its fair share of drama, the Grammy-nominated entertainer's visit with The Boombox was void of wild antics.

Joc was more than willing to play a game of 'Address the Tweets' and the results were pretty interesting. His name was well-supplied throughout the Twitter-sphere as a result of users both bashing and celebrating his work. The 31-year-old isn't a newbie when it comes to criticism so he was prepared with a response to even the most negative remarks.

Watch Yung Joc open up about his memories of working with Lil Boosie on 'Zoom,' his first "stab at producing," why he "faded off the map" and the reason he chose to go with the bass-heavy banger 'I Got Bitches' as his new single.