With a state as large as and with as many residents as New York, you're bound to have quite a bit of crime that accompanies it. Unfortunately, it's a byproduct of having such a large population that is rife with poverty and inequity.

Every year the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services releases data that breaks down various crime statistics that occur throughout New York State. It gives data on the City, County, Regional, and State level, with various statistical analysis that is attached to that data. Most of the data is available to anyone on New York State's Open Data website.

With the recent series of crime that has happened here in Western New York, I was curious as to how Buffalo and Erie County ranks in the various crime categories with other cities and counties in the state. Doing that research is when I came across this data related to property-related crimes on the County level. Property crimes are generally considered to be the damage or theft of someone's property that does not involve the use of violence against a person. So that's going to include things like Burglary, Larceny, and Auto/Motor Vehicle Theft.

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In the 2020 New York State County Crime Index Count, which is the most recent data that's available, Broome County has the highest Property Crime Rate per 100,000 residents throughout the entire state. Broome County, which is home to Binghampton and Johnson City, New York, has a property crime rate of 2,401.6 per 100,000. That beats Erie and Niagara County by quite a bit. In fact, both Erie and Niagara did not even make the top 5 counties.

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