Tyler, The Creator is shooting down assumptions from fans that he appears in a throwback video with Tupac Shakur.

On Sunday (Sept. 20), Tyler finally reacted to the chatter on social media regarding the video, which features ’Pac on an episode of BET's Rap City with director John Singleton in July of 1994. In the clip, the rapper and director walk down a street with an entourage in tow. Suddenly, Tupac spots a kid on the sidewalk staring him down. The late icon then jokingly confronts the kid, who is admittedly wearing a very Tyler-esque outfit, which includes a striped shirt and oversized hat.

"What you gon' do, man?" ’Pac barks at the kid, who just stares. "See how he looking at me? See how it go? You just be walking and somebody just be looking at you, mean-mugging, you know what I'm saying? Like he playing me or something. Now, I could keep walking or I could confront that man. I think I'ma keep walking. I don't know what he got with him."

Tyler, who would have been 3 years old when this video was recorded, responded to speculation he was the child in the video. "Thats not me as a baby with tupac dumbass ha," he posted on Twitter.

Of course, that didn't stop fans from joking with the Grammy Award-winning recording artist. "Whoever first said that this was baby Tyler the Creator meeting Tupac --thank you for renewing my faith in this app," one person tweeted.

"@2PAC confronts, a kid who looks like a young @tylerthecreator," another person posted.

"Nah bro that’s u with Tupac ha!," someone else added.

Check out more reactions from fans about the throwback video people thought included Tyler, The Creator staring down Tupac Shakur below.

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