Thug was questioned about everything from calling his homies “hubby,” “bae,” and “lover.” When the reporter ask him about his recent rash of "questionable" actions his response was just as confusing as his behavior, considering he claims to be straight.

What do you mean when you call your homies your hubby or lover?

“It’s a language. It’s nothing stupid and fruity going on. It’s the way we talk, it’s the way we live. Those are my baes, those are my lovers, my hubbies, whatever you want to call them.”

What ?!?

Is it strategic at all to get people talking about you or be controversial?

“I don’t know a yes or no to that. That’s a hard question.”

This whole situation is confusing; his facial expression when asked this legit question showed us he is just as confused as everyone else. The funniest part of this interview is when Thug is asked about Mike Brown, the 18-year-old who is the center of a controversial police shooting. When asked his stance on the situation, he instantly freezes up.

Two things I learned about Young Thug from watching this interview: when asked about something stupid (like gay rumors) he has an equally stupid answer, but when asked about something serious (police brutality) an issue that actually matters ,he backs down from that question instantly.

I like some of Young Thug's music but as a person he seems like a clown. I don't know how many different ways Young Thug has to tell people that he is confusing people about his sexuality to get attention. He wants no part of issues that really matter because that will hurt his public image. If the reporter (who was horrible by the way) asked him a serious question concerning the gay community he would've backed down just as quick. I have been telling people for years that people will do anything to become famous and or rich. Regardless of his sexual preference Young Thug is just another example of doing what it takes to be popular.