Young Thug has apologized to the Game, which should officially put the kibosh on their simmering feud.

Rich Gang affiliate Jo Jo Capone initiated the truce between the two rappers, but Thugger took things a step further and posted a video on Instagram today (May 8) to make amends for his violent threats toward Chuck Taylor.

"See the way the world is set up, they want all blacks to kill each other. But we're not. Black Lives Matter,” he said. “So I salute Game, I respect him. I'm sorry for making that post about him. Even though he was wrong, and he was in the wrong business, and taking up for a n---- that wasn't taking up for they self. It's all good.”

Thug also captioned the video with "my bad bro, it's all love.”

Game also posted an Instagram video today applauding the Atlanta rhymer for apologizing and ending the beef. The Compton rapper also suggested that Thug end his feud with Lil Wayne and help him settle his differences with Birdman.

This sounds like a good idea to us, but there’s big money at stake between Weezy and Baby. So it looks like Wayne and Birdman’s beef will have to be settled legally and financially in the courtroom.

Nevertheless, we're glad that Young Thug and the Game’s feud is finally over.

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