Young Thug wasn't confident that 6ix9ine would stick to the G-code and not snitch while on trial for racketeering and firearms charges in 2019. In fact, Thugger claims he made a bet with another rapper that Tekashi would sing like a canary and would possibly be harmed once released.

While speaking with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast during a May 16 episode, Thug says that he placed a $5,000 bet with an unnamed West Coast rapper that 6ix9ine would spill the beans in court.

After being asked by Gillie if Thug thought it was possible to witness a rapper snitching and still have sold-out shows, the Atlanta rapper replies, "Yes."

The Slime Language 2 artist went on to explain the details of the bet he made with the other rhymer. Thug tells Gillie and Wallo, "I bet... I ain't gon' say the rapper that I bet ’cause he a cool nigga. He a solid nigga. So I don't wanna say his name so he'll be like, 'Damn, bruh, you said my name like I was down with a rat.' So I can't say his name, but I bet another rapper. I don't know where he from. I think the West Coast. I don't know. I bet another rapper that 6ix9ine [would] tell before he told. I'm like, 'He gon' tell.' I bet... Me and him bet a friendly $5,000."

"We bet that... He said, 'He ain't gon' tell.' I bet he gon' tell," Thugger continues. "I bet he gon' tell... And he bet me back. He just wanted to get the $5,000 back... I bet $5,000 that he tell and he bet $5,000 that nothing is gonna happen to him. I bet $5,000 that something was gonna happen to him, too. I don’t know why I had that belief. I really believe like, he gon' think he gangsta, he gon' try to step out and somebody gon' do somethin'. Even if it’s on some humble shit. Even if it’s some shit like, just anything."

Young Thug also shares, "I bet $5,000 that something was gon' happen like, I bet you whatever, when niggas see him, something gon' happen, somethin'. He gon' get beat up, he gon' have to run out the club, somethin' gon' happen. I lost that fuckin' bet, bruh. Them pussy-ass niggas let that nigga in the club. He was chillin'."

Thug adds that he doesn't subscribe to street code loyalty. Instead, he's loyal to life and doesn't snitch simply because he isn't supposed to.

Rapper-informant 6ix9ine testified on the stand against his former Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods associates less than two years ago, ultimately resulting in a lessened prison sentence. He was released from prison in April of 2020, due to the coronavirus outbreak and was ordered to finish out the remainder of his sentence at home. He was officially released from house arrest in August of 2020.

6ix9ine caught wind of Young Thug's interview about betting 6ix9ine would snitch and commented via Instagram about Gunna, who is signed to Thug's Young Stoner Life Records, and allegedly appeared on an old episode of Crime Stoppers in Atlanta years ago. The video, which began circulating online in December of 2019, prompted Gunna snitching rumors. The clip started making its rounds after Wunna's feud with Baton Rouge, La. rapper Tec.

"Did he know Gunna was going to tell on crime stoppers?” Tekashi wrote in an Instagram comment for a post about Thug's interview with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo.

6ix9ine gunna crime stoppers instagram comment
6ix9ine via Instagram

Gunna addressed the footage during an interview with The Breakfast Club last summer. He said at the time, "Yes, that's me, but that wasn't on no Crime Stoppers. I don't know what the hell niggas thinking about ’cause I wasn't in no case or nothing. So a nigga even saying like, 'You snitched on...' Who? I was never in no case."

Gunna was apparently speaking on his cousin, who is behind bars serving a life sentence in connection to the death of a little girl.

Tekashi also trolled Young Thug, posting an old image of the rapper on his Instagram Story, in which Thug is seen wearing purple eyeshadow on his eyes and bright red lipstick on his lips. On the picture, 6ix9ine wrote, "THESE THE REAL NIGGAS IN ATLANTA. 2021 SLATTT.”

Neither Young Thug nor Gunna appear to have responded to 6ix9ine.

6ix9ine young thug instagram story makeup picture trolling
6ix9ine via Instagram

See Young Thug talk about the bet he made regarding 6ix9ine snitching around the 56:18-mark below.

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