Young Thug's star has continued to shine since breaking out with his '1017 Thug' mixtape last year. Thanks to the success of his singles 'Stoner' and 'Danny Glover,' the ATLien has lured the attention and adoration of Young Money, recorded songs with Kanye West and landed on the cover of both Complex and FADER magazine.

With hardly any heads up (thanks to his sticky label situation, that's become a common feature of his output), Thugger Thugger has dropped the aptly-titled sequel, '1017 Thug 2.'

The mixtape runs at a brief 10 tracks and includes only two guest appearances (from Migos member Quavo and the largely unknown MPA Wicced), but that keeps the spotlight solely on Young Thug, who once again shines bright.

As well as curbing his feral flow on more rap-centric cuts like 'Trigger Finger' and 'Sub Zero,' the Atlanta native continues to push the boundaries of his unhinged vocal style on songs like 'Oh Ya' and 'Strange Things,' which you'll either love or hate. If you haven't figured out yet, there's no sitting on the fence with this guy.

Stream '1017 Thug 2' below and purchase on iTunes.

Listen to Young Thug's '1017 Thug 2'