Young Dro has received the sentencing from his July arrest.

On Tuesday (Sept. 24), TMZ reported that the Atlanta rapper officially pleaded guilty to one count of battery/family violence after allegedly punching his girlfriend and smashing a plate of banana pudding on her face during an altercation. He was sentenced to 12 months behind bars but was only ordered to serve 70 days.

However, the time will end up being even less than that because Dro got credit for 20 days already served plus an extra day of credit for each day served on good behavior. According to the report, he could possibly get out as early as Oct. 5.

In addition to the jail time, the "Shoulder Lean" rapper will have to remain on probation for the remaining time of his 12-month sentence and submit to a drug and alcohol evaluation within 30 days of his release from jail. He also has to attend domestic violence counseling and forfeit all weapons. Additionally, he is required to forfeit all of his weapons and refrain from drinking.

As previously reported, Dro was taken into police custody on July 5 following a fight with his girlfriend in their Atlanta home. According to his girlfriend, the rapper punched her so hard that it bruised her. He also cut up furniture in their house with a knife and then smashed a plate of pudding in her face. The woman reportedly did not want to press charges, but Dro was arrested and booked anyway.

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