Young B the Future, a talented 26-year-old battle rapper, was tragically gunned down in Los Angeles on Monday night (Dec. 8).

According to MTV News, Young B the Future was killed after being shot five times by an unknown assailant as he was leaving his car. Police are still investigating and have no suspects or leads at this time.

The West Coast rhymer started gaining popularity on the battle rap circuit after receiving a major co-sign from Snoop Dogg, who recruited him for one of his Gladiator School rap battles.

Young B took out B Magic in a much talked about victory and before that, he won AHAT's Rookie of the Year and Battler of the Year awards.

"We lost a solid voice of West Coast battle rap today," said Young B's manager, Stilt.

The funeral for the fallen rapper will be held on Dec. 19 and the location is yet to be announced.

We want to send our heartfelt condolences to family and friends of Young B the Future. May he rest in peace.

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