Chris Brown may be remembered only for his past criminal transgressions, but there's so much more to the singer. As he embarks on a new musical journey with his latest album, 'X,' Breezy seems to be focused and staying out of trouble.

Brown grew up in the public eye as he was hit with stardom at a very early age. He became an R&B idol at 17 and never looked back. Six albums later, the 25-year-old singer is still making hits. Recently, he collaborated with veteran R&B superstar Usher for the chart-topping single, 'New Flame.'

His trials and tribulations have been duly documented by the media. Brown cites his troubled childhood and domestic abuse he witnessed at home as the catalyst for some of his personal problems.

Team Breezy thinks they know everything about the crooner but there are still some facts that may be surprising to his newer fans. Learn some surprising details about the Grammy-winning artist in You Think You Know Chris Brown?