Ying Yang Twins rapper Deongelo 'D-Roc' Holmes was arrested recently in Georgia after allegedly punching his wife in the head.

Holmes, one half of the hip-hop group famous for their hits 'Miley Cyrus,' 'Salt Shaker' and '(Wait) The Whisper Song' was charged with "family violence," TMZ reports. He was also charged with two counts of battery.

The site reports that the rapper, known by his nickname D-Roc, punched his wife Porsche Holmes in the head in November. He allegedly hit her with such violent force that she developed a bump over her eye.

This is not the rapper's first arrest; in June 2012 he was arrested for a DUI and marijuana possession. At the time of DUI arrest, he had his two young children in the car with him.

TMZ reports that D-Roc was released on bond after agreeing to stay away from his wife, "among other restrictions."